Non-Profit Community

Grow your Donor Network with GMS

Since 1992, GMS is proud to have partnered with thousands of charitable organizations and has helped to raise over 110 million dollars for our charitable giving clients. Our goal is to help do the same for you, by offering your non-profit organization with all essential payment tools, software, and resources you need to attact, engage, and retain your donors longer.

Donation Processing

Get set up with some of the lowest processing rates in the industry with GMS. Easily accept one-time or recurring donations from your website, through your software, or at a fundraiser event!

Donor Management Software

Simplify your donor management with RhinoNP. Our donor management software allow our users to easily set up fundraiser campaigns,  collect donations online,  and track your monthly contributions.  By using our donor software, you can maximize your fundraising efforts by selling merchandise from your product store,  set up fundraiser events, or create donor forms that easily integrate to your website.

Charitable Referral Network

Grow your charitable referral network by using our DonorBOO$T solution! DonorBOO$T gives non-profit organizations the ability to easily grow their network by partnering with local businesses and organizations. Refer and sign up businesses and receive a monthly donation for every transaction that occurs within your donor network.


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DonorBOO$T is a network giving program that harnesses the true power of the community - local businesses, merchants, and organizations - to help boost donations for your cause

Gulf Management System - Merchant Services

The GMS Client Portal is a simple payment platform designed for small businesses to accept one-time or recurring ACH or Credit Card Transactions.


RhinoNP is a donor management software designed for charitable organizations to help simplify their donation collection and fundraising campaigns.